What You'll Find in the Report

Nucleus Research, a principal resource for technology research, presents their impartial analysis of the most influential vendors in the enterprise content management (ECM) market, naming M-Files a Leader for the sixth year in a row.

Read Nucleus Research's assessment of 17 top vendors, including the following highlights:

  • The Technology Value Matrix and the market positioning of ECM vendors in terms of usability and functionality

  • An analysis of the strengths of each vendor's solution and the value that is delivered to the client

  •  Insights on overarching ECM market trends and challenges


M-Files: Intelligent Information Management

This represents M-Files' sixth consectutive year in the Nucleus Research ECM Technology Value Matrix as a Leader among the top ECM vendors in the market. M-Files is a global company providing best-in-class intelligent information management solutions that enable business users to get control of content chaos and manage business-critical information, regardless of where it may be stored — CRM, ERP, SharePoint, network folders and other business systems and repositories. Whether businesses prefer deployment in the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid deployment, M-Files moves beyond traditional enterprise content management (ECM) and unifies systems to present content based on the context of what it is and not where it lives, without disturbing existing systems or processes and without the hassle of data migration.