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Did you know that 83% of workers have had to recreate a document which already existed because they were unable to find it on their corporate network?

What about the fact that just under nine in ten (86%) employees experience challenges when it comes to searching for information they need to do their job?

Find out what 1,500 companies worldwide are reporting about the way they manage documents and information, including impactful findings on:

  • Document management
  • Document version "hide and seek"
  • Mobile access to company information
  • Challenges with approval of documents
  • Artificial intelligence and the role it plays in document contextualization
  • …and much more

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About the 2019 Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report

M-Files commissioned a survey of 1,500 office workers to understand several factors related to how their organisations manage company information and the challenges encountered when accessing and managing corporate information. Respondents’ organisations varied in size, ranging from small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises, and came from a broad range of industries. In addition, the respondent group represented constituents from nine countries and a variety of business departments.

Specific lines of questioning were deployed around four primary areas of interest:

  • General Document Management: The overall end-user experience of managing company documents
  • Document Management on the Move: Accessing and managing company information from off-site locations with mobile devices
  • Data Repositories: Managing company information contained in multiple systems and silos
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): The perception and use of AI to contextualise company information